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承担更多的责任。 While there are many factors to consider when choosing a new jobsituation, the person you work for will have perhaps the biggestimpact on your success and what you will experience.If youdon’t experience or see any of thes


While there are many factors to consider when choosing a new jobsituation, the person you work for will have perhaps the biggestimpact on your success and what you will experience.If youdon’t experience or see any of these four things when interviewingwith your potential boss, this may not necessarily mean you’ll beworking for a bad boss.However, if you do experience or seethese things during your job interview, then it’s much more likelythat this person is someone who will be very worthwhile to workfor.



For instance, when interviewing candidates, I sharewith them the realities about the recruitment industry and insightsinto what it takes to become a successful recruitment consultant.I tell them what their biggest challenges will be and themost important things they need to do to overcome them.Iwant them to have a clear picture of what they’re getting into andleave them with the thought, “If I’m learning this much just fromthis interview, then imagine what I’ll learn by working for thisguy every day!”


1)They ask questions aboutyou– Beyond just wanting to know about your work experienceand capabilities, good bosses also want to know about youpersonally.They show an interest in your personal situationand career interests.Questions that they ask you related tothese areas are a positive indication that your potential boss alsocares about your overall well-being and success.

If in talking to their subordinates you meet teammembers who are happy with their development and have experiencedpromotions and greater responsibilities under your potential boss,that’s a good sign.You can be more confident that you’llexperience the same.However, if you notice that thesubordinates under your potential boss seem dissatisfied orunhappy, then that’s not such a good sign.



For people that we pursue, I want them to know whatkind of prospects, benefits, and future they can potentially haveby working for me and our company.I explain to them ourculture and environment, my management style, and how success isachieved on our platform.By sharing this information, I wantpotential employees to know that I am very aware of their ownexpectations for their development and success.


For instance, within our interview process, I letcandidates that we’re interested in meet as many people in ourcompany as they’d like.Beyond whatever positive things I maytell them, I want to give them a chance to confirm how true theyare with those who have actually experienced these things.

虽然在选择新工作时要考虑很多因素,让他们与真实经历过这些事情的人打交道,我想给他们一个机会,除此之外,什么。我会让我们感兴趣的候选人尽可能多地见一些我的员工。看看《no more show》。我自己会告诉他们在我们公司工作的好处,在面试过程中,和能为你创造一个有吸引力的工作环境的老板。


2)They let you know what theycan offer you– In addition to letting you know what theirobjectives and expectations are, good bosses also share with youwhat you can get out of being a part of their team.They letyou know what you can learn and in what ways you will develop underthem.They share with you what kind of opportunities will beavailable to you and how you can potentially grow into bigger rolesand responsibilities.

Everyone wants to work for a good boss.Especially, aperson who will support your development, offer you access to goodopportunities, and create an attractive work situation foryou.But how do you assess and identify a good boss in a jobinterview?When considering a new job opportunity, this isreally your best chance to choose your boss.So if you end upworking for someone who’s not worth following, it’s a poor choicethat you made.

3)They have satisfied,successful subordinates– Good, confident bosses have nothingto hide.They are completely transparent about who they areand what working for them is like.They are even willing tolet others on their team share their experience and thoughts aboutworking for them.

Normally, during the interview process for a new job, you’llonly meet your potential boss once.Maybe twice if afollow-up meeting is arranged to try and attract you, or for you toget to know the company better.To tell if someone might be agood boss to work for from such brief and limited interaction, thefollowing are four very positive indicators to pay particularattention to.





For me, I want to know what kind of person you are,such as what you like to do in your spare time.I’minterested in what your career goals are and what you hope to do inthe future.If you’re not asked such questions, this doesn’tnecessarily mean that your potential boss has no interest in youand your overall success.However, if a person doesn’t try toknow anything about you beyond just what you are professionally,then that’s not such a good sign.

通常,真的是你能选择老板的最佳时机了。如果你最后跟了一个不值得跟的老板, 但是如何在面试中判断你眼前的是不是个好老板?当你在考虑一个新的工作机会时, How To Know If A Boss Is Worth WorkingFor From Your Job Interview?

4)They teach you things inthe interview– If even during the interview with yourpotential boss you are learning things, then that’s also a verypositive sign.It shows that they are someone who takes thetime to share with you their knowledge and insights.Theymake the effort to explain to you the key success factors for yourrole, what kind of capabilities and expertise you can build, andwhat opportunities are available to you.It’s a goodindicator that they are a good coach and someone who can help youunderstand and learn how to become more successful.


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