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谢谢你们所有人 直到我找到这个站点 从DanishTelevision来的儿童时代的记忆,但没有,仅仅两天前我还在问是否这猴王有DVD,如果不是已经发行 谢谢你们所有人,很快就要发行了,学会《no more show》。我希望英文字幕确实能对增加这部壮丽影片的理解程度有帮




谢谢你们所有人,很快就要发行了,学会《no more show》。我希望英文字幕确实能对增加这部壮丽影片的理解程度有帮助

A childhood memory from Danish Television (I still know the chinesetheme song - damn..) is now mine to watch - Thank you Thank youThank you all.

But no... Untill I found this site:-D

WOW - Thank you for all the help - Just two days ago I asked if Themonkey King existed on dvd.







From San Francisco with love...

I’m very anxious to get my hands on a copy as you are, so I willlet you know what I learn about availability as soon as I knowanything.

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity of working with thecharming lady (Windy Shum) who did the translation of this film’sscript into English, making suggestions on grammar andusage.

My friend who arranged to have the subtitling done told me onFriday that the English-subtitled DVD has beencompleted.

The DVD you’re seeking has been reworked with English subtitles andis to be released very soon, if it hasn’t alreadybeen.

I have good news for anyone interested in thistopic:

This is indeed a beautiful animation. I hope English subtitlingdoes something to increase the awareness of this wonderfulvideo.

I realize it’s been quite a while since the original post, but Ijust joined this forum, so I couldn’t post sooner.




But great altogether to see this superb movieagain...

at yesasia. BUT unfortunately without Englishsubtitles.

got it at long last



委内瑞拉也许有很多人看过,韩国大尺度无下限综艺 4406nomores。我开始没有意识到这个碟片还包括了一个1941年制作的75分钟的铁扇公主,而这个版本却只有85分钟左右

Thanks a lot for whatever help you may give me..

I think I’m the only person in Venezuela and maybe latinoamericathat has seen that movie, or at least still remembers aboutit.

I know nobody has posted anything in here for a few months, but ifyou have any information that might help me, that would begreat!

But I think I was the only one who had it! My father recorded it onBETAMAX (yes.. BETAMAX!) and I looooved that film. I saw it withthe original sound and a narrator in spanish, but now im lookingfor it either in english or spanish, prefereblysubtitled.

Even in Venezuela somebody saw that movie



我这个礼拜刚刚看过,网站。最好是原版普通话而且带英文字幕,对于韩国大尺度无下限综艺 4406nomores。奇怪的是他们这部电影还没有DVD。

Another plus that I didn’t realize is that the disc also includesthe 1941 b/w film Princess Iron Fan about 75 minutes long. What agreat unexpected bonus.

I just watched this this week and really enjoyed, even withoutEnglish subs. One thing, though, according to the entry,the original running time was 120 minutes, this version is about 85minutes. Did not notice except the ending was possibly trimmed.Otherwise, fantastic!






I’m from Amsterdam/The Netherlands

It’s quite strange that they this movie isn’t on DVDyet.sherill@lycos.nl

I’ve written the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands to get a fax ore-mail address from the Shanghai Animation FilmStudio.

And I’ve seen quite a few in my lifetime.Please YELL if you knowsomething.

Seen it twice on TV, somewhere around 1980.One time on Dutch TV,and one time on the BBC.I didn’t have a VCR back then, and that’s adamn pity.Haven’t seen an animation movie that wasbetter....

If ANYONE knows WHERE I can get this movie, I prefer ORIGINALlanguage (Mandarin) with English Subtitles.

More people here that loves a movie which is so wonderful, buttotally impossible to get!!Unbelievable.

Thank heavens, I am NOT ALONE.



《no more show》
《no more show》


To sum up, at present, none of us has found a proper version?Namely, with english (or french ) subtitles ?

saw Monkey King about 20 years ago and, still, I’m searching forvideotapes or dvds. Great, great memories.

Me too.A french guy experienced exactly the same :



I think the Chinese version had different voices



I just watched my Swedish video of Monkey King, it’s been 24 yearssince I saw it the last time. And it’s clear to me that things haschanged since then. Animations is pretty ok, nothing more. Thequality of the recording is bad, but the worst thing is thehorrible dubbing. There’s only one voice, more like a narrator,after the dialogue between the characters is finished the narratorexplains (short version so to speak)in Swedish what was said, notvery entertaining. Still I like the story very much. I would loveto see a remastered subtitled or properly English dubbed version onDVD someday.




I’ve watched this movie as well and according to David’s chronologyI was at most 5 and a half years old. However I remember some ofit. In addition to what already have been said, I should say that Ireally liked the music in this movie. Very, traditionally Chinesein my uneducated ears, and very neat, good at setting the mood.Also liked the animations, nice colors, and the story was cool.This monkey took crap from noone and he fought the Gods even. Thathe himself was some sort of divine being I don’t think I got when Iwatched it. He also had this fighting staff which he shrank and hidinside his ear when not using. All in all a greatmovie.

Frankly I think it was just so exceptionally good.

I wonder, either this movie is exceptionally good or everythingelse in TV back then was simply so crap that it just had to standout. It was back in the days of the Swedish TV monopoly with onlytwo channels on and cartoons was an exceptionalrarity.



By the way, great thread. I’ve been thinking about how to get thisfilm too, but not in Swedish of course.

must look up the meaning of the word irony someday

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我想它是否是制作于1965年,我将会购买它,英文名称是“Uproar inHeaven”。如果谁知道哪里有这部影片的DVD或VCD,我想找到这部影片。电影拍摄于1965年,对于韩国深夜19禁snl播放。太让人兴奋了。

I think this is the same product as shown in your picture. But Istill doubt if it was made in 1965 and whether it has Englishsubtitles.

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Do anyone know anything about this film and/or where I could buyit, with english subtitles? Preferably on DVD orVCD.

Sun wu kong (China: Mandarin title)

Monkey King, The (International: English title)

Da no tien gu

The film was made in 1965 and had the English title "Uproar inHeaven". Other titles are, according to :

So, now I’m looking for this film!

To be frank, I don’t remember that much of the story itself, I wasonly 6 years old, but it was very exciting and I remember theheroic monkey with the staff wich he could make small and put inhis ear.

In my very youth, I saw an animated Chinese film - The Monkey King- the famous story. I thought it was fantastic, very well made andso exciting. They showed this film two years in a row duringchristmas time on Swedish Televison but the last time was in1980.

My name is David and I’m from Sweden desperately looking foranswers ;)

Hello forum!



Anyone know where this can be found with? englishsubtitles?

mercerle (9个月之前)


been looking for this since I was 5 years old



I’ve been looking too! And I have TWO sons!! :D



OMG,then u must be a father of a son already



i have been looking for this for 21 years



I love you for uploading this. Been looking for it a long time. Iwish I could understand it though haha. But I know the story soit’s all good.



i’ve seen it for the 1st time when i was like 8-10 years old and ifound it so awesome!! Dispite that it is chinees spoken, i want tothank you for uploading this video.




I wish i could understand chinese, this is sointerresting!

Whoa! I really love this!



Thanks for uploading ! I also saw it when i was kid !! this is sucha great souvenir !



Amazing!!!!!!! Wish they’d release more Chinese animation like thison TV or DVD. Love Journey to the West.



Easy now! I haven’t seen this since I was about 7 or 8 yrs old.BBC2 had a season of Asian animation, been trying to get old ofthis for years!!!! It kept me quiet for 45 minutes!Ace.



This is so great, I saw this when I was a kid, my grandfather hadit on Betamax tape. I don’t know if it still exists or works forthat matter. I would really like to have this on DVD, the artstyleand music, just brilliant!!!



Is there no way to get subtitles, though, for non-chinese speakers?It’d be awesome if americans could watch this too. I’m guessingyou’re chinese and can speak/write it? Is it you don’t want to dosubs, or don’t know how to?

Hey man, thanks for uploading this movie~



I LOVE this movie, I remember watching it the first time on TV whenI was like 6-7 years old (I’m 23 now) and taped it, I still to thisday have the tape.



OMG OMG you just made my day! Thank you for this.



Watched this as a kid. It’s even better than I remembered. Oh, andfor more info you can try wikipedia.



Oh man, I haven’t seen this in over a decade! My parents had itrecorded on VHS tape, but it’s forever lost. I recently got thename of this show from the library. Thank you so much for postingthis up!




uuuuhhh... its CHINA not JAPAN ^^

God damn. This is from 1960s when animes weren’t even that farahead.


当我看这个电影的时候,我看到那个是Frankie Avalon & JonathanWinters.配音的。不象这个这么地道纯粹,还有一个1960年代的猴子神话的日本版本,并且beat it out ofyou.(不理解是什么意思)

I saw this when I was a little girl. When Channel 4 in the UK wenton the air, one of the first things it aired was this movie. Inever saw it again...I’ve wondered for a long time if it was somefantastically beautiful dream I had. Its just as wonderful as Iremember it! Thank you so much for uploading.


华美奇异极了,我要赶到那里去, Fantastic! There’s also a Japanese version of the Monkey Legendfrom the 1960’s. The one I saw was dubbed by Frankie Avalon &Jonathan Winters. Not so authentic as this clip, but just ascolorful and WEIRD!


哪一个工作室?哪一个年?谁是导演?告诉我或帮助我, 我不能相信我有幸看到这个令人惊叹的文化作品


Which studio? What year? Who was the director? Tell me or so helpme, I’ll drive up there and beat it out of you.

Un - fucking - believable. I cannot believe I am privleged to seethis amazing cultural artifact.

I can’t believe what my eyes are seeing.





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